The passionate engineers at ROBOX Heat Technology apply relevant technologies in a special, innovative way, to well thought-out designs. Our solutions in heat exchangers enrich the industry in terms of functionality, ease of use, sustainability, speed and efficiency.
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The passionate engineers at ROBOX Heat Technology apply relevant technologies in a special, innovative way, to well thought-out designs. Our solutions in heat exchangers enrich the industry in terms of functionality, ease of use, sustainability, speed and efficiency.
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ROBOX clients continuously realize reduced maintenance costs and achieve higher efficiency with their installations. Moreover, they also get an extraordinary solution with our innovative heat exchanger technology. Challenging design requirements and process conditions or a short delivery time will never stand in the way of a personalized solution.  Whatever your engineering challenge, the specialized team at ROBOX is ready for you. Step into the future of engineering and contact ROBOX at +31 (0)485 45 48 88.


Heat exchangers by themselves aren’t new or innovative. But enriching them by creatively applying challenging, yet practical technologies is! That is where our strength truly lies. Where others can’t or won’t push the limits, ROBOX is sure of its ability to elevate heat transfer technology to the next level. Innovation requires knowledge, compassion and vision. At ROBOX you’ll find all three.

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From engineering to manufacturing and testing, at ROBOX all disciplines are present at the highest level. We thoroughly engineer a suitable, tailored solution. Agreed upon conditions and absolute delivery reliability make ROBOX your undisputed partner in heat technology. Exactly what your project needs to succeed. If you would like to know more, please send an e-mail to sales@robox.nl or call us directly at +31 (0)485 45 48 88.

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Early involvement of our specialists at ROBOX makes your end result most efficient. Through them you gain new insights, which result in an improved solution to your challenges. Expect results such as: reduction of resources used, time or energy saved and a decrease in overall costs.

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Procesdata flows through the veins of our heat transfer specialist, translating to the best possible constructions for your project. With their counsel, your preconditions will be adjusted to create the best possible design.
Engineering to the limit while keeping safety in mind. The art of creating a design suitable to your needs and depicting this innovation on known constructions. By involving production in the creation our design it’s easy to construct and your product will be of even better quality. With the combination of our knowledge, insight, innovative ability and passion ROBOX gets it done.
The interior of the heat exchanger, called the tube-side, requires special craftsmanship in comparison to the shell-side. ROBOX is fully equipped to efficiently combine these crafts into one. The manufacturing of these thought-out heat exchangers all transpires within the walls of our plant in The Netherlands.
There many shell & tube heat exchanger types. A shell & tube heat exchanger always features a bundle of tubes inside a cylindrical shell. This shell creates the possibility to exchange heat between the medium ‘inside’ and the medium ‘around’ the tubes. Ready for the optimal solution to your project? Team up with the experts at ROBOX!
An air-cooled heat exchanger consists of a process flow through a rectangular bundle of tubes and forced air around the tubes. To increase the heat exchanging surface, the exterior of the tube is often equipped with fins. To further enhance heat transfer, turbulators inside the tubes could be considered. For more information you can contact us or make an appointment to visit us at Jochemsweg 10 in Mill, The Netherlands.
It’s our challenge to create the best design within the boundaries of the specifications and requirements. Sometimes the result can only be found far beyond the usual heat exchanger types. Luckily our engineers at ROBOX are passionate about applying tried and trusted technologies creatively, in order to come up with innovative solutions tailored to your process. No challenge is too big for ROBOX!
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De warmtewisselaars van ROBOX zijn onderdeel van de vacuümsystemen die wij ontwikkelen en produceren. Daarnaast ondersteunt ROBOX ons inhoudelijk bij de processimulatie van gas naar vloeistof door onze zelfontwikkelde condensors. Door de zorgvuldige berekeningen van ROBOX, uitgevoerd met geavanceerde HTRI-software, hebben onze condensors het ideale ontwerp en kunnen zij optimale prestaties leveren.
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The expertise of our ROBOX team concerns both man and machine. By taking full care of both the engineering and production process we provide peace of mind for the costumer. Inspired to improve whenever and wherever possible, we create the best possible innovative solutions together. Who’s next?
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