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Whether it’s about Oil & Gas, Chemical & Pharma, Food or Compression Industry our engineers at ROBOX are specialized in every market. Every field has its own specific requirements. With our expertise we anticipate this and find a solution that best suits your demands. Whenever and from wherever a question arises, ROBOX has the answer!

Traditionally, oil & gas is one of the most demanding markets. Our team at ROBOX is well aware of this and possesses the thermal and process expertise this industry expects. We supply end-users directly or go through EPC’s or engineering firms, but we always deliver in full accordance with customer specifications. That is our standard and the reason why ROBOX has been thriving in this industry for almost 30 years now.

Whether it’s cooling for mobile wellhead compressors, high pressure gas coolers for an FPSO, crude pre-heaters for a refinery or glycol regeneration coolers for gas treatment, the oil & gas industry worldwide has always been our largest branch. Their strict requirements on design, construction, documentation and quality formed the basis of our workflows and are now business-as-usual. Naturally, our thermal designs are guaranteed.

Success in this industry is only achieved through expertise on every subject. The specialists at ROBOX gladly support and advise you along the way. Our track-record is our business card.

‘’Inspired engineers that apply challenging technology to the limit!’’
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“Als een van de belangrijkste tankopslag- en oliebewerkingsbedrijven in Europa staan we voor een uitdaging als het gaat om vervuiling in de warmtewisselaars. We zijn naast een opslag terminal namelijk ook een productielocatie. Voor klanten kunnen wij grondstoffen en producten opwerken. Daartoe hebben wij vier destillatie-units op de locatie. Deze worden telkens anders bedreven aangezien de voedingsstromen constant wisselen. Soms is vervuiling van de warmtewisselaars dan het gevolg. Samen met ROBOX en diverse ingenieursbureaus zijn we daarom gezamenlijk in actie gekomen ter verbetering van onze destillatie-units. Doel van dit project was om te kijken waar de vervuiling vandaan komt en het zoeken naar een toekomstbestendige oplossing.”
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‘’As a developer of gas treatment and compressor installations we regularly need equipment that does not fit within the standard range. This is why we take a project-based approach, and have special requirements in terms of execution, materials and size for our heat exchangers. Besides our own, our clients have additional requirements and specifications. ROBOX accommodates this, delivering tailor made solutions, bridging the gap between strict demands, feasibility and economy.”