You will be in direct contact with one of our experienced heat transfer specialists. They are always glad to share their knowledge in determining the boundary conditions of your project. After order, the project engineer will guide all phases of the project. He will personally keep you updated from start to finish to ensure that your project is in good hands at ROBOX. With our team of heat transfer-, mechanical-, welding-, CAD- and production specialists we’re ready to take on any challenge. Our company size is our strength. Short lines of communication ensure flexible and fast response for every project. Here at ROBOX, we find the most reliable and optimal solution that suits your needs.
Services, thermisch

With feeling for process data, our heat transfer specialists translate your request to an optimal design. Thermal design, executed with industry leading HTRI-Software (Heat Transfer Research Inc.), forms the basis of our designs. Where necessary, calculations will be further analyzed and simulated with advanced process-simulation software, or calculation methods tailored to your requirements.

Services, mechanisch

Engineering to the limit while keeping safety in mind. Our art is meeting and exceeding your demands by creatively applying tried and trusted solutions. Challenging yet practical technologies are be implemented by already involving production personnel during design stage. Resulting in flawless heat exchangers, every time.

Experience with countless design codes, industrial standards and client specifications make our designs highly versatile and appreciated.

Designs are calculated and validated though PV Elite or manually by following the design code. This is the basis for the 3D design using Autodesk 3D CAD-software, with assembly-, detail- and construction drawings as a result. Frequently used design codes include amongst others: ASME VIII, EN 13445, BS 5500 and AD2000. Industrial standards are for example: TEMA, API (660, 661, 682, etc.) and NACE. Some client specifications are SHELL DEP, BBS, Sabic, Huntsman and BP.

Services, Production & testing

The inside of a heat exchanger, the bundle, demands different craftsmanship than the fabrication of the shell. ROBOX is fully equipped to bring these two worlds together efficiently. The complete production process, assembly and testing of the unit takes place in-house. For added flexibility and efficiency we rely upon a close network of trusted sub-suppliers.

Our trained and qualified professionals are the foundation of our lean production facility, performing their craft with dedication. Solid designs, with the right work preparation ensure that production gets done with passion and joy.

Our fabrication cells are fully equipped with qualified welding processes, orbital welding tools, machining centers, expansion and bending machines and test equipment.

The engagement of our ROBOX team concerns both man and machine. We take full care of the engineering and production process so you don’t have to. Inspired to improve wherever possible, together we create the best possible, innovative solutions. Who’s next?