Although there are a lot of different heat exchangers, our main line of products can be divided into the shell & tube and air-cooled heat exchangers. It concerns customer-specific heat exchangers for a wide range of applications. Where the standard range is no longer sufficient, ROBOX can deliver customizations. This customization is characterized by the innovative application of structures, additional customer requirements or extreme operational conditions, such as high temperature and pressures.
Shell & Tube exchangers

Shell & tube heat exchangers come with many different types (and names). The characteristic of an S&T is that the construction consists of a number of tubes in a cylindrical jacket. In addition, the cylindrical jacket makes it possible to exchange heat in a flexible way between the process “in” and the process “around” the bundle tubes.

It is the most popular type because of the flexibility that allows the designer to provide a good reliable solution for the entire application area. ROBOX has developed the best constructions for the TEMA types, so that our suitable solutions can be effectively offered for all versions.

Aircooled units

An air-cooled heat exchanger consists of a rectangular tube package with the process going through the tubes and air forced around it. To increase the heat-exchanging surface, the outside of the pipe is often provided with different kinds of fins. This type also gives space to design in many versions, making this a good solution for a wide range of applications.

Other types

Our challenge is to create the most suitable design based on the preconditions of the process. The result can sometimes fall far beyond the standard types. ROBOX is also strong in realizing these innovative solutions.

The engagement of our ROBOX team concerns both man and machine. We take full care of the engineering and production process so you don’t have to. Inspired to improve wherever possible, together we create the best possible, innovative solutions. Who’s next?