Whether it’s about the Oil & Gas, Chemical & Pharma, Food or Industry & Compression markets, our engineers at ROBOX are specialized in every market. Every market has its own specific wishes, because of our expertise we can anticipate and always deliver a customized solution. So whenever a question arises, ROBOX has an answer!

Stainless steel and the food market are inseparable, therefore our production is strictly separated to ensure quality and exterminate possibilities of contamination. This way we can guarantee the safe and hygienic food solution you need.  We can also function as an OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) supplier, delivering frequent projects developed by joint engineering as we already do with other clients. Because of our experience in other markets we can create solutions exceeding expectations and requirements. We can than engineer, produce and test these custom-solutions ourselves to improve delivery times drastically.

Besides direct cooling or heating of product flows, we also offer an indirect method of heating or cooling. These methods include the use of water-or air heaters by using thermal oil or steam. Other methods or conditions outside regular solutions, depending on available space or delivery times are no issue for ROBOX, we anticipate any requirement.

When we jump into the role of OEM supplier, we have the option to semi manufacture in advance. This way the product can still be modified and delivered on time. By working together and by having a solid commitment ROBOX will never be a bottleneck in your project. This formula can and is currently applied to multiple clients across different markets.

Interested in what we can do for your next project? Don’t hesitate to contact one of our specialists!

‘’Inspired engineers that apply challenging technology to the limit!’’
Who’s next?
The expertise of our ROBOX team concerns both man and machine. By taking full care of both the engineering and production process, we provide peace of mind for the costumer. Inspired to improve whenever and wherever possible, we create the best possible innovative solutions together. Who’s next?