Carbon dioxide cooler and heater
"We often have to deal with additional specifications and requirements from our customer."
Ton Janson, Technical director
at Eltacon Engineering BV

“As a developer of gas treatment and gas compressor installations, we regularly need equipment that does not fit within the thirteen-in-a-dozen type. We work on a project basis and often have special requirements with regard to design, materials and dimensions for the heat exchangers. In addition, we often have to deal with additional specifications and requirements from our customer. ROBOX can provide this, enabling us to meet the often far-reaching specifications and strict requirements of our customers.

What we especially appreciate about the cooperation with ROBOX is that they are very flexible. This also has everything to do with the customer’s package of requirements. Sometimes the development process takes a long time, the design is changed again or our customers still have additional requirements. ROBOX always responds very reasonably to this and they think along to make the process run as efficiently as possible.

This efficiency is reflected in ROBOX’s entire business operations: communication is correct and adequate, agreements are kept and products are delivered on time. These products are developed with great care and expertise. Exactly what our sector and our customers need. ”

It concerns Shell & Tube heat exchangers. One-pass shells with fixed tubesheets and integral welded bonnets. TEMA type NEN 168/1200 and NEN 168/3000. Entirely in stainless steel according to PED cat.III / Mod.H and ASME VIII Div.1 (+ extra requirements from ASME VIII div.2)